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Poison Baxter’s Heparin From China Triggers Class Action Suit

If you use Heparin as a blood thinner, or received Heparin as part of a surgery there is a good chance you are eligible to be part of a class action lawsuit against Baxter’s Pharmaceutical.  Heparin which is often imported Read More

Classic Humans are stupid Moments and the Environment

The Ever-Classic ‘Humans Are Stupid” Moments: 1 . Oil and Natural Gas Pollution: Location: Prince William Sound, Alaska Date: March 24, 1989 An oil tanker, the Exxon Valdez, runs aground. 11,000,000 gallons of crude oil spill through the breach in Read More

www.30reasonsagirlshouldcallitanight.com Thirty reasons why girls should call it a night – When finding out on Monday isn’t soon enough

  The young, hip, tech saavy crowd isn’t satisfied with just instant gratification anymore. Instant public embarrassment is the next hottest thing and a group on Facebook called “Thirty reasons girls should call it a night” is at the forefront. Read More