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Download Windows Vista SP2 Beta and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 Beta

Following the success of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 last spring, Microsoft (MSFT)has been working hard on Windows Vista Service Pack 2. As a part of the development and testing process, they are going to start by providing a small Read More

How to Pick the Right Wireless Router

The advent of wireless routers has helped small offices and home computers interconnect and function fast. No more sharing of files with thumb drives or squabbles over who will access the internet fast. If you have notebook or laptop you Read More

How To Optimize Your Wifi Connection

When you use a wireless network at home, range and performance can be influenced by a lot of factors. The location of your wireless router as well as the location of your PC and/or laptop can make a lot of Read More

Stage 2 for the Digerat Store

So Stage 1 was making the thing work at all, but Stage 2 is doing SEO to improve how it scores in search engines.  So I replaced all the Query based Category links with nicely formatted Search Friendly Human Readable Read More